There is no better way to enjoy Scottish trad

There is no better way to enjoy Scottish traditions than going fishing and tasting a little bit of whisky(威士忌)at a quiet place like the Inverlochy Castle. When Queen Victoria visited the castle in 1873, she wrote in her diary, “I never saw a lovelier spot ,” And she didn’t even go fishing.
Scotland is not easily defined. In certain moments, this quiet land of lakes and grasses and mountains changes before your very eyes. When evening gently sweeps the hillside into orange light, the rivers, teeming with fish, can turn into streams of gold . As you settle down with just a fishing pole and a basket on the bank of River Orchy, near the Inverlochy Castle , any frustration(烦恼) will float away as gently as the circling water. It’s just you and purple, pink, white flowers, seeking a perfect harmony. If you are a new comer to fishing, learning the basics from a fishing guide may leave you with a lifetime’s fun. For many, fishing is more than a sport; it is an art.
Scotland offers interesting place where you can rest after a long day’s fishing. Set against a wild mountain and hidden behind woodland, the beautiful Inverlochy Castle Hotel below the Nevis is a perfect place to see the beauty of Scotland’s mountains. Ben Nevis is the highest of all British mountains, and reaching its 1343-metre top is a challenge. But it’s not just what goes up matters; what comes down is unique. More than 900 metres high, on the mountain’s north face, lies an all-important source of pure water. Its name comes from the Gaelic language “usquebaugh” or “water of life”; and it is the single most important ingredient(原料) in Scotland’s best known drink: whisky.
小题1:The story of Queen Victoria is to show that _____.
A.the queen is rich in tour experience
B.the Castle is a good place to go in Scotland
C.tasting whisky is better than going fishing
D.1873 is a special year for the queen
小题2:How is Paragraph 2 mainly developed?
A.By giving descriptions. B.By following time order.
C.By analyzing causes. D.By making comparisons.
小题3:What is Ben Nevis special for?
A.The Inverlochy Castle Hotel .
B.The beauty of its surroundings.
C.The water from the mountain.
D.The challenge up to its top.
小题4:What is the main purpose of the passage?
A.To introduce Scottish traditions to tourists.
B.To show the attractions of Scotland to readers.
C.To explore geographical characteristics of Scotland.
D.To describe the pleasures of life in Scotland.