Gene technology to benefit peopleAmong all th

Gene technology to benefit people
Among all the fast growing science and technology, the research of human genes, or biological engineering as people call it, is drawing more and more attention now. Sometimes it is a hot topic discussed by people.
The greatest thing that gene technology can do is to cure serious diseases that doctors at present can almost do nothing with, such as cancer and heart disease. Every year, millions of people are murdered by these two killers. And to date, doctors have not found an effective way to cure them. But if the gene technology is applied, not only these two diseases can be cured completely, bringing happiness and more living days to the patients, but also the great amount of money people spend on curing their diseases can be saved, therefore it benefits the economy as well. In addition, human life span(寿命) can be prolonged.
Gene technology can help people to give birth to more healthy and clever children. Some families, with the English imperial family being a good example, have hereditary(遗传的) diseases. This means their children will for sure have the family disease, which is a great trouble for these families. In the past, doctors could do nothing about hereditary diseases. But gene technology can solve this problem perfectly. The scientist just need to find the wrong gene and correct it, and a healthy child will be born.
Some people are worrying that the gene research can be used to manufacture human beings in large quantities. In the past few years, scientists have succeeded in cloning a sheep, therefore these people predict that human babies would soon be cloned. But I believe cloned babies will not come out in large quantities, for most couples in the world can have babies in very normal way. Of course, the governments must take care to control gene technology.    
小题1:What does "these two killers" in the second paragraph refer to? 
A.gene technology and another treatment of the two diseases.
B.The two murderers who killed the cloned baby
C.The two diseases of cancer and heart disease
D.Hereditary diseases and cancer
小题2: What's the main idea of the third paragraph?
A.How gene technology can be applied in the field of treating hereditary diseases.
B.Gene technology can be used to clone human babies.
C.Gene technology can help people to give birth of a baby.
D.Gene technology can help the English imperial family out
小题3:In what way gene technology can help to treat hereditary diseases?
A.Using gene technology, people with hereditary diseases can have more living days.
B.Using gene technology, scientist finds the wrong gene and corrects it.
C.Using gene technology, human babies can be cloned.
D.Doctors can cure cancer and heart disease with the help of gene technology.
小题4:What is the main purpose of writing this passage?
A.Expressing the writer's idea that gene technology will benefit people
B.Telling people the advantages of gene technology
C.Telling the readers that gene technology will not benefit people
D.Explaining that gene technology will also do harm to the humanity